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ECFA List of Adjudicators


ECFA does not administer selection and appointment of adjudicators under any circumstances whatsoever as prescribed below:

-Appointees shall take responsibility in selection of Adjudicators from the ECFA Adjudicators List.
-ECFA is not in a position to appoint any adjudicators on ECFA Adjudicators List.
-ECFA is not responsible for listeesf information as ECFA has not made any revision, alteration or modification of the information submitted by the listees.
-ECFA is not responsible for any liability or damage that is attributable to listeesf conducts, regardless of their acts and omissions.

Adjudicators are entered on the list from the date of registration to the renewal date.

ECFA Listees

CV of the subject adjudicator can be downloaded by clicking the underlined name

- Kunihisa Oba

- Masaru Kaido

- Ryuji Manai

- Takaharu Kaburaki

- Takashi Okamoto

- Yoichi Saisho

- Akira Shiroya

- Toshihiko Omoto

- Kenichi Kunikane

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