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Terms of Use


This association is managing the Web site of The Association of Japanese Consulting Engineers (hereafter AJCE and Web site to be [www.ajce.or.jp.]). Please read the following Terms of Use before you access and then exploit this Web site under this Terms of Use only when it is agreed. Moreover, AJCE might change without a previous notice of this Terms of Use and it is required to confirm the latest content. Sorry, this page is under construction at the moment.

About the link

In this Web site, the link is free from charge. You could link with any page freely. However, it is strictly required to abide the following conditions.

 ・Please describe the site name to understand as a link to this Web site.
 ・It is prohibited to link, when it is indistinct to be contents of AJCE such as
  individual direct links in this Web site only to the image and links to the inside
  of the frames.
 ・It is prohibited to link when it is aimed for your Web site to post the
  information on this Web site secondarily and to make the profit for you.
 ・It is prohibited to set the link that detracts the confidence of AJCE.
 ・Additionally, the link might be refused according to the content of the Web
  site and the link method.

About the trade mark

The trade mark inserted in this Web site posse to AJCE or AJCE occupy it based on the license. These cannot be employed without permission.

About the copyright

In all content of publishing on this Web site, it is covered by the copyright. The detail conditions of the copyright, please reference the page of copyright or required to ask AJCE.

Exclusion Clause

AJCE don't assume the responsibility to the trouble, the loss, and the damage generated by using the information or this Web site published in this Web site. The information published in this Web site might change without a previous notice, and interrupt the administration of the site. AJCE is not very related, and don't assume the responsibility of the reason of any damage caused by the amendment of information and the administration disruption of this Web site. Moreover, AJCE don't assume the responsibility to the content of any other Web sites that are linked with this Web site.

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