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YPEP 2005 - Trainee's report

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2-2. Smatr-Link Projects
 I experienced investigation that was 250 public transportation connecting
 improvement in Melbourne. The inside,I worked the field survey and made a
 It has about 200 investigation items. For example, drainage state, a number
 of CCTV, lighting equipments, helping points. I was interested in the following
 2 items on the work.
 ①This work was performed by JV of three companies. Each company’s officer
   can be accessed to the data server.By this system, this work have
 ②The second point is abundance of public order equipments. Many supervisory
   cameras are installed in Melbourne.Because of that,I was the feeling which
   is always watched to someone.
  When I investigated, many supervisory cameras were installed in the station.
   I realized that there were many plant investment for crime and terrorism.

3. Felt in Melbourne
3-1. Multi-Culture

 Melbourne is consisted of many immigrant.I experienced multiethnic community.
  I enjoyed eating  the food of each country, worked with people from various
  countries (Nepalese, Indonesian, Salvador…..)

3-2. Park

Open Space at Westin MelbourneMelbourune is the town where there are many parks. There are parks of various types from the large-scale park, to the small-scale park. Especially, The open space which can do park utilization is many.Openspace at westinhotel, and Fawkner-park behind  the office etc, that was utilized by many citizens. There is the café in the openspace at westinhotel that is utilized at lunch,rest,teatime etc.
  Open Space at Westin Melbourne

3-3. Trams
 It  was convenient for the Trams route in Melbourne to go  anywhere.Tram
 In the city, the driveway was abolished and
 the construction repaired on a footpath and
 the road of only a tram was advancing.
 Although there is no examination of tickets
 usually, there is examination of tickets
 unannounced. It seemed that therefore,
 almost all users had a proper ticket and had
 got on.
 A fare is not so cheap as AU$3.1 (= 270
 yen). However, a ticket is effective for
 2 hours,and there is a ticket various type (such as a Sundaysaver ticket,
 Weekly Full Fare ticket etc)
 In addition to the tram, the ticket could be used also for CONEX railroad and
 I thought that it was very convenient.

4. Homestay
 I did precious experience that was a homestay. Because stay place had not
 been determined until arrival, It  was an uneasy start for me.
 I had an opportunity to meet many people,because I had a schedule which
 changes the Host family weekly constructed.  I was able to touch English
 conversation everyday and everyhour, about the life-style of the usually,
 manners, etc.
 Especially 2ndweek and 3rdweek, thanks to  stayed home where room was
 shared、I had an opportunity to meet other except PB.
 According to any information, the house rent around city is high. For that
 reason,some people lives with their friends.

5. Conclision
 In this training, we had amazing experiences for the business, life,culture and
 people in Melbourne.
 So, we had the great time and appreciated for the kindnesses by AJCE, ACEA
 and all staffs of the host companies.
 We, Japanese trainee will be united in business and private life as if wewere in
 this training.

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